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Difference is beautiful: Where we came from leads us to where we’re going 

Best Diversity Stories of the week

Irma Leaves Virgin Islanders Torn Between Fight and Flight 

Best Diversity Stories of the Week

Redlining Never Went Away — Bloomberg View

Best Diversity Stories of the Week

Why Wall Street is losing black executives — Marketplace Weekend

Black Executives Are Losing Ground at Some Big Banks — Bloomberg News

Hollywood Faces the Growing Box Office Power of Black Audiences — Bloomberg News

After Fearless Girl, State Street Puts Men-Only Boards on Notice — Bloomberg News

Best Diversity Stories of the Week

Workers’ Trash-Talk Goes Down When Leadership Diversity Goes Up — Bloomberg News

President Trump Made a Promise to Black Colleges. It Hasn’t Happened. — The Chronicle of Higher Education

Historically Black Colleges Try to Catch Up as Rich Schools Get Richer — Bloomberg Businessweek

Deloitte Thinks Diversity Groups Are Passe — Bloomberg Businessweek

Why Women Aren’t CEOs, According to Women Who Almost Were — The New York Times Sunday Review

Diversity & Management Stories to Read:

Monday: Mayoral ambitions on hold, Eva Moskowitz aims for national prominencePolitico 

Tuesday: A New Rating for TV and Movies Tries to Combat Gender StereotypesThe New York Times 

Wednesday: These Are the Best CEOs in America, According to the People Who for Them, Bloomberg News 

Thursday: Getting In and OutHarpers 

Friday: Talking About Worst Might Not Be the Worst Idea After AllBloomberg News 


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