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Best Diversity Stories of the week

Irma Leaves Virgin Islanders Torn Between Fight and Flight 

Best Diversity Stories of the Week

Redlining Never Went Away — Bloomberg View

Best Diversity Stories of the Week

Why Wall Street is losing black executives — Marketplace Weekend

Black Executives Are Losing Ground at Some Big Banks — Bloomberg News

Hollywood Faces the Growing Box Office Power of Black Audiences — Bloomberg News

After Fearless Girl, State Street Puts Men-Only Boards on Notice — Bloomberg News

Best Diversity Stories of the Week

Workers’ Trash-Talk Goes Down When Leadership Diversity Goes Up — Bloomberg News

President Trump Made a Promise to Black Colleges. It Hasn’t Happened. — The Chronicle of Higher Education

Historically Black Colleges Try to Catch Up as Rich Schools Get Richer — Bloomberg Businessweek

Deloitte Thinks Diversity Groups Are Passe — Bloomberg Businessweek

Why Women Aren’t CEOs, According to Women Who Almost Were — The New York Times Sunday Review

Diversity & Management Stories to Read:

Monday: Mayoral ambitions on hold, Eva Moskowitz aims for national prominencePolitico 

Tuesday: A New Rating for TV and Movies Tries to Combat Gender StereotypesThe New York Times 

Wednesday: These Are the Best CEOs in America, According to the People Who for Them, Bloomberg News 

Thursday: Getting In and OutHarpers 

Friday: Talking About Worst Might Not Be the Worst Idea After AllBloomberg News 


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