Finding Myself in the Circle of Life


“You must take your place in the in the Circle of Life


Recently I’ve been feeling off-centered. I go to work with 20 things on my plate and feel like I leave the office having accomplished only four. I’m a creative. I talk and write for a living — and measure myself against how much I have talked and written in that day. I working on centering myself again. Focusing on my art and producing more of it. One way that I’m working to improve my output is realizing that I don’t create my art in a vacuum.

It’s part of a larger effort to bring information to the world. I’m a journalist in a global news organization. So as I find my place in the world, I must remember that I’m part of a larger ecosystem. My voice is needed and important and this feeling of discontent is part of the process. It will inspire me to push myself further.

It’s all in the circle. Circle of life.


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