Pictures: Remembering Poppy One Year Later



Robert “Poppy” Holman and my dad in Poppy’s house in Springfield, Ill. in 2007.

A picture says a thousand words

A thousand words can say so much

But it’ll never really replace

Poppy’s presence, advice, his touch

Over the years, decades and generations

We’ve grown accustomed to that house on Lawrence Street

It’s green siding and fridge full of sodies

And Poppy sitting in his designated seat

He sat there and watched his family

Flow in and out, in and out

And occasionally said a few words—

Always wise and letting everyone know what he was about

He was the hardest working man

A father to the fourth degree

The initiator of this Holman clan

That all of us are now fortunate to be

He was my grandfather; our Poppy

A picture of perfection

A model of how to live

Golden in my recollection

Generous, dedicated, focused

Admired, informed, guiding

Poppy was all of these things

He was always, always providing

In these past few days, weeks, and months

It feels like we’ve only had pictures of the Poppy we knew

And when you add up his 84 long years

These pictures just seem way too few

Yet when I look at our family here today

I see Poppy’s picture everywhere

In our facial expressions, our mannerisms

Our noses, our faces, our hair

We are all the picture of Poppy

And now he’s in a better place

Healthy, renewed, peaceful

Greeted by God’s sweet grace

Poppy is a living picture

A person I’m striving to emulate

And as I grow older

His generosity and selflessness I want to recreate

His picture will not only be in my home

But I’m making a new start

By searing his image in my mind

While also binding his goodness in my heart

Yes today is the time to remember the man he was

It’s a time for tears, love and reflection

But it’s also time to remember the people he taught us to be

He was a picture I’ll always remember— one of absolute perfection


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