The Tragedy of Twitter

I am an avid tweeter. Most of my friends are also. That’s why I was shocked yesterday when the LA Times came out with an article that asserted that only 11% of teenagers use Twitter everyday. On top of that of the teenagers who have an account on Twitter, 72% claim that they hardly ever use it. Like I said, I was shocked. And still am. 

When I first opened my Twitter account last year I was weary towards the usefulness of it. Who would want to read my thoughts of every waking moment? Or better yet, why would I want to read other’s? But after a few weeks of having my account (with my little egg profile picture because I couldn’t figure out how to change the settings) I began to follow some news sources. Soon my timeline became full of human-interest stories from TIME and “Cheat Sheet” facts from The Daily Beast.

Although I was getting quick snippets of the news from these 140 character tweets my TL was still cluttered with tweets from my peers telling the world that they didn’t care about completing their homework on time or tweets about their relationship strife. So being the news junkie I am I decided to follow more news sources. Today my TL is an even balance of information from news networks and from my friends. 

Which is why I believe teenagers should take full advantage of Twitter. Yes, Twitter has its annoying moments of sorting through everyone’s ideas but how amazing it is to have that opportunity! I believe Twitter is truly a democratic tool in today’s world. It is a quick way to stay informed while on the go. In today’s world being aware of what’s happening is increasingly critical to being successful. So I encourage all teenagers to look into getting a Twitter and hey, if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it. But do stay informed for that’s the only way to have your voice properly heard. 


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