There’s poetic license, artistic license, historical license and narrative license. All of which I have personally experienced. Yet, yesterday I used a new type of license- my driver’s license. 

Yes I am 18. And yes, I could have legally obtained my license a full two years ago. There were many nights when my friends and I lamented the fact that we couldn’t go out because our parents would not drive us. There were many mornings when I missed my train and I was late to school. But all that is over now. I have my license and I say where I’m going and when (or at least when my parents lend me their car).

Despite the delay I am relieved I waited as long as I did to get my license. The first place I drove with my friends was to see the new Spiderman movie. The famous line in the movie was “with great power comes great responsibility”. Not only do I have a responsibility to be safe when driving, yet I am now considered a full-fledged adult by the government. For this reason, when I was at the DMV registering for my license they also asked me if I would like to register to vote. Although I am already registered to vote I like how the DMV is required to ask all new drivers if they would like to be a voter. 

I have always believed that voting is the fundamental method of having your voice heard in a large society with many differing views. Thomas Paine once said, “those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like me, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”. Sometimes voting seems tedious and futile, especially when neither candidate seems to represent our specific interests. However, it is always better to utilize a right then not because of our apathy. 

The privilege of driving will allow me to reap the blessings of the freedom to go where I want. The right of voting will allow me to support my country and continue the freedom that our country was founded on. Good thoughts to chew on this Independence Day along with your BBQ and corn on the cob! 


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