Young and Politicked.

I am eighteen years old. I am a Chicagoan. I am a student. I am a daughter. I am a friend. However, most recently I have assumed a new title. I am now a registered Illinois voter. 

When I was younger my dad would always mention how important it is to vote because people who vote are the ones who can change the world. As a child that didn’t mean much. Yet over the past few months as I watched dissent grow in the Congress, social policies come under attack, and the presidential election intensify, my dad’s word began to resonant. It seemed like politicians did not have the youth in mind. And this ticked me off.

The first thing I did on my eighteen birthday was fill out my voter registration application. A few weeks later when my voter’s card was mailed to me I realized that I was now in control. My opinions and my ballot will help drive this country. I will not always be a Chicagoan, or student and unfortunately I won’t always be eighteen but for the rest of my life will be a voter. For me, that seems like the most important title a person can have in this society. 


2 thoughts on “Young and Politicked.

  1. Good for you! You are absolutely right about the fact that you now have a way to make your voice heard. Welcome to the world of the informed voter. This middle aged lady applauds you!

  2. Let’s make other youth and adults know how important this elections is. Start with your friends. Ask them to register also. This link will help make others an informed voter. Keep up the good work young lady.

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